Homo-Nazis do not tolerate dissent

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From Slice of Laodicea:

American parents, if you want a vision of the hell that results when those with a moral compass allow the homo-fascists take over a nation, take a look at the terrible state of the UK. (Actually, Massachusetts is already nearly there. Visit MassResistance.org for the latest info.)

Several parents are facing prosecution for removing their children from a homo-pervert version of a school play called "Romeo and Julian." These are not high schoolers, friends, these are little children who are expected to view this filth without complaint. The heroic parents of 30 children pulled them for the day. The nanny state of the UK, however, says that's not allowed. You MUST allow nazi-style homosexual indoctrination of your little ones or face legal consequences. This is a vision of statism that our President would like to see implemented in America. But I have news for Mr. Obama: You won't get it without a revolution on your hands. Children belong to parents, not the state. Hats off to the handful of UK parents that understand that and who are willing to fight to protect their children in the midst of British Sodom.

And the "Tolerant" crowd grows ever more intolerant of those who don't tolerate sin. Keeping in mind that our current Messiah President has stated, quite confidently, that only the government can solve all of our problems, and that he doesn't have a problem killing children, and has publicly ridiculed the Holy Scriptures–you can look for this kind of nanny-state totalitarianism to hit these shores within the next four years.He will make sure we accept all forms of sinful deviancy whether we like it or not!


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