The Dangers, Results, and History of Decisional Regeneration

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With so much emphasis these days on "evangelism" (which usually means a method that was adopted less than 200 years ago), it's amazing and freeing for many when they first hear the history of a method that we know today called "decisional regeneration" and it's founding father, Charles Grandison Finney. Maybe even more noteworthy is the fact that Finney, just before he died, renounced the very methods that he once founded and used and which many use today to gather unbelievers together in groups. If this video doesn't convince you of the dangers of decisional regeneration, I'm not sure if you truly do have a heart for the lost (as many of the proponents of this type of "evangelism" often self proclaim).

Here it is, folks. If you're looking for a good, concise way to present what is wrong with the modern approach to evangelism, I believe that you have to look no further. With the gracious permission of Mark Kielar who's allowed me to use the videos in any way that will further the Kingdom, I've taken two of the previous clips that I've posted on Youtube and added more to them from the original episode to give it context.

This is taken from the "How God Converts the Human Soul" series from CrossTV. You can get this series at or by calling 1-877-CROSSTV.


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