Rick Warren: Try Jesus for 60 Days

Ahora tenemos como ayuda, para presentar el Evangelio, al vendedor más grande del mundo. ¿El ofrecimiento? "Prueba a Jesús durante 60 días. Si no cambia tu vida, te regresamos tu dinero".


Sí, lo que leiste. Pero no me creas, escuchalo por tí mismo.

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vía A Little Leaven de Chris Rosebrough el 5/12/08

Rick Warren's December 3rd, 2008 appearance on Hannity and Colmes was a mixed bag.

We'll give Warren props for not caving in on the issue of Jesus being the only way. But, once again Warren stoops to new lows in his quest to remove the offense of the cross by asking Alan Colmes to give Jesus a 60 day trial and "see if he won't change your life".

Warren, like a bad used car salesman is trying to sell the gospel via bullet point benefits. Once again Warren skirts the issue of man's sin and rebellion against God and he doesn't call men to repentance and faith in Jesus Christ but instead asks non-believers to "give Jesus a 60 day trial" claiming that "if Jesus doesn't change your life then you can get your money back".

Is there a way for us to have a recall on Rick Warren? We don't want him representing us Christians anymore on Television. We want a different representative. We want one who is not ashamed of the Gospel and will boldly condemn men's sins, call men to repentance and placard Jesus Christ's death on the cross for the forgiveness of sins.

Warren's seeker-sensitive mushy non-offensive approach to "selling" Christianity is truly embarrassing.


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