The command to witness... Is it important to you?

So you've read many of the articles here, or perhaps a couple of them, or none. It doesn't matter, you know there is a lot of people out there who don't know Christ. You know there are a lot of persons calling themselves "christians" that are not so and also, plenty of false prophets and teachers that have forgotten who Jesus Christ is, what he did and what he taught. In other words, they have forgotten what the Gospel is about.

So many that are going to hell!

Now, you know all of this, but the thing, you see, is this: what are you doing about it? Are you going to witness, as commanded by Jesus or are you just gonna be sitting there, in front of your PC's display, reading and reading articles?

No, don't answer me, answer the Lord.

HT: How can I be silent?



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